Qigong Treatments

Qigong is a form of acupressure that works with the energy within your body.  Energy blockages in your body could be caused by stress, illness or injury.  Kenneth Kramer has helped many people with their health problems.  He has treated people for stress, injuries and many different types of illnesses such as high blood pressure, low blood pressure, pain,  stroke recovery patients.  He even helped someone come back from a coma after being hospitalized with lupus.
Kenneth Kramer has also helped animals including dogs, cats and horses.
Nutritional Assessments
We offer a comprehensive approach to healing and well being.  We offer nutritional assessments to make sure that you achieve the best results.  Every day life can cause many vitamin defficiencies in your body.  Stress can reduce your immunity as well.  We offer a holistic approach to eliminate those defficiencies with foods.  There are many ways that we can supplement our bodies with good foods while we carry on with our busy lives.  We can teach you many techniques to eat healthy.
For an appoointment call 484-668-1836.  Please wear loose clothing.
Appointments are also available at your location for an extra traveling fee.
Appointments for pets must be done at your location.

Our office is located at:
37 S. 42nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
[email protected]